Instructions for entering new master servers


The following are the steps you need to follow to configure your Tribes Game server and client to use the new master servers for your server and client to use,

The super easy way

  1. Start your Starsiege: Tribes 1 client.
  2. Open the console. (default is the backtick/tilde ` key, which is located directly under the Escape key)
  3. Paste this into the console by pressing CTRL-V:
  4. Now close and restart Tribes; you should have the full list of registered servers.
If your server list is still not refreshing, make sure that in your tribes client, under network settings, you have the US Master server selected.

The easy way

  1. Start your Starsiege: Tribes 1 client.
  2. Open the Network section under the Options area.
  3. Then click add at the bottom.
  4. Now enter the name, call it
  5. Then enter the Address:
  6. Click Done at the bottom
  7. Click back on the play tab. Once on the server list page, click REFRESH ALL and the server list from should show up.
  8. If for some reason you are having problems with the list or server not responding, drop me an email and I can help you out with it.

At the time of this writing Threatcon and Gimme Lead have the game servers pointing at the master servers.

I currently have a script that is running every two (2) minutes that is retrieving a list of Tribes game servers that have registered with the other master servers known as of this writing. Currently, I show between 110 and 120 servers on average that are valid game servers.

After August 16th, the following server names should be used instead of the above server names.

UPDATE: 2007/11/25
Looks like the master servers have been down now for about 5 days. This might be the end of the master servers. I am currently in talks with Garage Games about the status of them possibly obtaining the domain name or at least having Vivendi point the DNS over to them. I will keep this page updated as I hear back from them.


UPDATE: 2009/03/17
My bad, looks like I forgot to add an important piece to "The easy way" above. I forgot to have you enter the port number. No wonder I got so many requests asking why it didn't work right...

Anyways, I have it updated now to show the port number, plus I removed the entry for the official Dynamix master server since they no longer respond.

Sorry to all that tried using the instructions above that still could not get it to work.


Not to leave others out of the loop. Other programmers have built their own master servers. Here is a current list of all known functioning Starsiege Tribes 1 Master Servers.

TribesMasterServer bugs_ Plasmatic Kigen | SKB |

Below is a list of depricated master servers. Do not use them, they will not respond to requests made by the Tribes client!

Dyanmix US 1 Dyanmix US 2 Dyanmix US 3 Dyanmix UK 1 Dyanmix UK 2 Dyanmix UK 3 Dyanmix AU 1 Dyanmix AU 2 Dyanmix AU 3 Dynamix1 US 1 Dynamix1 US 2 Dynamix1 US 3 Dynamix1 UK 1 Dynamix1 UK 2 Dynamix1 UK 3 Dynamix1 AU 1 Dynamix1 AU 2 Dynamix1 AU 3